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Huntress X Vampire
Huntress X Vampire
Chapter 8 Revenges and 'training'; Alice's taste of Gazto's wrath!!
Gazto, after an hour of whining to himself over Viki's statement, somehow got I and Viki apart. I was seen with a hell of a lot of bruises and fairly deep bloody gashes. 'Just keep her away!' I stated as I slapped the bastards hand off of me. Facekick ran to me, holding my hand, glaring at Niko and Gazto in the process, he then whispered, 'Alice, you could've gotten killed...' I smiled and whispered, 'I'll be fine...besides I'll be out for a bit then get that Gazto fellow to train me...' I kissed his cheek and left. 'I'll get my revenge, Jasmine you bitch!' I evilily thought.
The graveyard: I managed to get my old hunting crew's attention through killing a human with my claws across his throat. I got on my knees and pretended to cry, making a trainee, who was now taking my place, touched my shoulder, 'Hey you ok?' he asked, making me glare then I sliced his throat like the innocent human. The
:iconspecter-fangal:specter-fangal 5 121
Huntress X Vampire
Huntress X Vampire
Chapter 7  The mysterious Vampiress; Getting into trouble; Deaths and Vampric rebirths
The young Vampire yawned then decided to go to sleep, I thought I'd do the same. Facekick turned a light red but when to sleep. Facekick began to whimper in his sleep then tossed and turned.
Facekicks Nightmare/Dream: The young vampire was 50 years into the past, a time in which Gazto wasn't beating him up and the other vampires of his clan was alive. He noticed her, a long black-haired vampiress. She always wore a black funeral looking dress, Facekick was really shy whenever he was around her, he couldn't even tell her how he felt about her. Her name was also Alice, her red eyes were as red as blood but unlike him and the other vampires, she had the ability to change her eye color from the red they saw to the blue eyes she had in life before her body was under the influence of vampirism. It was that awful day when he finally got the guts to tell her how he felt about
:iconspecter-fangal:specter-fangal 5 28
Huntress X Vampire
Huntress X Vampire
Chapter 6 A difficult choice; Love or the Carrer?
Andrea eventually left, with a look of disgust in her eyes. I sighed and apologized to Facekick, the last thing I needed was him to be afraid of me, 'How am I supposed to tell you, I have to kill you, 'Hey there my vampric lover, I lied to you and now I'm gonna kill you!'' I thought as I grew dizzy, I heard Facekick freaking out, 'Alice!' I heard as I passed out.
Facekick's POV: I began to freak-out, should I take Alice to safety or not, so I choose to risk my neck and take her elsewhere. I picked her up and ran out of sight from any hunters. I arrived at our (his and Niko's) hideout, 'This is until you wake up...' I thought as I sat by the bedside.
Hours later (Alice's POV): I awoke and saw myself in an attic, with Facekick laying on my lap, 'You're such a sweetheart...' I thought as I smiled. I lightly kissed his cheek which made him jump onto the ceiling, I couldn't help but giggle. Facekick ha
:iconspecter-fangal:specter-fangal 4 60
Huntress X vampire
Huntress X Vampire
Chapter 4 Surrvial and saving Facekick
I continued to run through the woods, covered in dirt, smelt of wet leaves but that didn't matter really, as long as I was alive I wasn't gonna become a blood-sucking demon just yet! I heard a young mans scream in pain, 'Facekick!' I thought as I continued to run, drawing out my sword in the process. 'YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!!' I yelled as I cut off one of the hunters hands, making him scream in pain, 'OW! you fucking bitch!!' I glared, 'You're not laying a hand or blade on my vampire!' Facekick was quiet but really numb with shock, 'You're glad I'm me...!' With that, a great fight took place, I gave a look that said, 'Run Facekick, get out while you still can!' and of course I get kicked in the gut, getting the air knocked out of me. I managed to get up and fight again, it took an hour but I got them to back away. I ran to find Facekick, I could only hope, that I didn't scare him.
Hours later: I finally found Facekick and ap
:iconspecter-fangal:specter-fangal 4 5
Huntress X Vampire
Huntress X Vampire = a Complicated love
(note: this is still done through Alice's POV!!)
I was seen early the next morning in my nurses outfit, the men were pigs when it came to me in uniform. Most of the men were patients, who would slap my bottom, making me mad, but I knew they were patients so I had to remain calm. I worked in blood transfusion, mainly labing them. I looked to make sure no one was looking, so I could 'borrow' some blood packs to give to Facekick, 'He's cute...I think he's grown onto me' I thought, turning a little pink, but finished up and zipped up my bag.  'That was blood type O...I've got the same blood type so I guess if I fill 10 pouches, it should be fine...' I thought as I walked to the blood draw room, turning off all lights, locking the door and lighting a candle for the room. I began to draw blood, so after about 10 pouches to fill up, I felt a little woozy. The rest of my time at my job went on like anyother. I looked out the windo
:iconspecter-fangal:specter-fangal 8 21



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Hiya, ShuGGaH my name.
Thank you for wasting your precious time by visiting my page. ;)

Current Residence: Hamburg
Favourite genre of music: No special genres.. but I like oldies! :D
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Personal Quote: Wer für alles offen ist, kann nicht ganz dicht sein!
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  • Drinking: Your blood while you're sleeping.
For days now, everytime I try to access it, all I get is this error message.…
Funny thing is, when I click the link on there I'll just get the same error again. Meh, I'm sure I'm not missing out on anything anyway, but it's really annoying.
I'm just asking myself if I'm the only one with this errors or does everyone get them?
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